Tag: Bette Davis

It Has Always Been Survival Of The Fittest

HELLO AMERICA!—Even though they generally took a licking production-wise, there are hundreds of young artists who refused to let their production dreams disappear in...

Choosing To Play, Plan To Win Or Go Home!

HELLO AMERICA!─When struggling for a respected position in the entertainment industry, or any business, one must believe he, or she can make magic happen,...

When Lights Are On, The Cameras Begin To Spin

HELLO AMERICA!─If you’ve grown up being on a stage or waiting for a voice to yell out, “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION on a film set,...

Even More Bits And Pieces Of Hollywood Stuff!

It Takes Work To Become Special – Bette Davis Was Right! HELLO AMERICA!—I have been receiving questions from young actors who are having difficulty in...

Survival Master Classes With The Best

HELLO AMERICA!—I must confess that I am rather flattered when approached by so many young people hungering for my ideas and suggestions as to...

Bette Davis Class Of Survival

HELLO AMERICA!—From the very first time meeting one of the first ladies of the motion picture industry, BETTE DAVIS, she immediately took on the responsibility...
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