Tag: Care

Dementia And Alzheimer’s Disease Can Devastate A Family

UNITED STATES—It was not too long ago where I took a psychology and sociology course that was focused on the devastating effects of dementia...

How Family Nurse Practitioners Address Gaps In Primary Care Services

UNITED STATES—Primary care is the foundation stone of healthcare services in the United States because it’s frequently the first point of call when you...

Recovering From Whiplash – Vital Care Instructions

UNITED STATES—If you have suffered a whiplash injury, recovering is one of the biggest challenges you’ll possibly face. Depending on what you do or...

Why Some Work, And Others Do Not!

UNITED STATES—Why is it some people work more than others? Is it some people just don’t have the drive when it comes to work?...

Health Net To Be Bought Out

WOODLAND HILLS—Health Net, an insurer based out of Woodland Hills, is set to be bought out by St. Louis based insurer Centene for $6.3...
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