Tag: Coliseum

Oakland A’s To Unveil Catfish Hunter Gate

OAKLAND—On Saturday, June 17, the Oakland A's will re-name the C Gate at the Oakland Coliseum to commemorate former Athletic and Hall of Fame pitcher...

Oakland A’s To Hold Play Ball Weekend

OAKLAND—In a recent news report, the Oakland Athletics announced their series of home stands which will take place over the next week, including those which comprise their...

19th Century Photographs Join Getty Collection

BRENTWOOD—The J. Paul Getty Museum announced this week that they have acquired 39 photographs capturing some of the most prominent landscapes and architecture of...

California Tourists Deface Coliseum

CALIFORNIA—On Saturday, March 7, the Coliseum in Rome was once again defaced—and this time the vandals were two California women, ages 21 and 25. Constructed...

You’re The Top! You’re The Coliseum

WASHINGTON D.C.—I’ve seen “De-Lovely” at least six times now. Cole Porter’s personal life was a wreck, but when it came to words and music...
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