Tag: colorful foliage

Colorful Foliage Without Colorful Bloom

UNITED STATES—Floral color gets most of the attention within home gardens through spring. It should. It is the most copious and most colorful of...

Variegation And Other Foliar Color

UNITED STATES—Foliar color is not limited to autumn. Some deciduous plants display colorful foliage from spring to autumn. Then, some of these change color...

Bronze Is The New Green For Foliage

UNITED STATES—Bronze foliage will never actually replace green foliage. Even if there were enough variety of plants with bronze foliage to do so, too...

Colorful Foliage Needs No Bloom

UNITED STATES—There is no shortage of color for the garden here in our mild climates. If we want to, we can grow various flowers...

Colorful Foliage Fades Through Summer

UNITED STATES—Autumn foliar color is not the concern yet. It develops later as deciduous plants defoliate for winter. Purplish, reddish, yellowish, bluish or gray...

Colorful Foliage Long Before Autumn

UNITED STATES—The best and brightest color in the garden is obviously still provided by flowers. Autumn color can be spectacular, but only amongst relatively...
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