Tag: comic book

“Wonder Woman 1984” Fun, But Not Iconic

HOLLYWOOD—When “Wonder Woman” arrived to the big screen with Gal Gadot in the starring role a few years ago it was a spectacle. It...

“Deadpool 2” Is One Fun Ride!

HOLLYWOOD—I’ll let you in on a little secret: I liked “Deadpool,” but I did not love the movie the same way as so many...

“Black Panther” Is Astonishing!

HOLLYWOOD—I have seen a LOT of comic book movies in the past 15 years. Some great, some bad, and some of epic stature, but...

“Wonder Woman” Is Sensational

HOLLYWOOD—I will admit I had reservations about the big screen version of the flick “Wonder Woman.” I just got the vibe that the movie...

“Wonder Woman” Stuns The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—The expectations for the “Wonder Woman” big screen adaptation were expected to be huge, but I don’t think anyone could have forecast the numbers...

“Logan” Delivers Heart, Smart Storytelling

HOLLYWOOD—I know I’m going to take a bit of slack for saying this, but I don’t care: I was a fan of “X-Men Origins:...
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