Tag: conifers

Conifers Have A Woodsy Style

UNITED STATES—Conifers are the most prominent forest trees in North America, but are notably scarce in home gardens. Except for compact varieties of juniper...

Living Christmas Trees Grow Up

UNITED STATES—All around town, there are Italian stone pines, Canary Island pines, Monterey pines and Aleppo pines that are much too big for the...

Conifers And Other Evergreen Foliage

UNITED STATES—'Conifer' and 'evergreen' are almost synonymous. Of the two, 'evergreen' is the more familiar term. Some people do not know what a 'conifer'...

Dispel Cut Christmas Tree Guilt

UNITED STATES—Christmas trees are like vegetables. Really, they are like big vegetables that do not get eaten. They are grown on farms, and then...
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