Tag: coupons

Excessive Shopping

UNITED STATES—Do you know some people who shop too much? I guess the first question we have to ask is what is considered excessive...

Deals Not So Much

UNITED STATES—One of the biggest shopping holidays of the year has come and gone, and for most Americans the spending has come to a...

Let Me Use The Coupon Already

UNITED STATES—I did something this past weekend that I haven’t been able to do for a while? Any guesses as to what I’m referring...

Save Money Anyway You Can

UNITED STATES—I love to say money and I am not afraid to shout it out to the world. People sometimes call me cheap or...

Ways To Save More Money

UNITED STATES—Saving money is not easy, but it all starts with the individual having a bit of discipline and resisting temptation. I always tell...
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