Tag: Crawl

“Crawl” Gets Underneath Your Skin

HOLLYWOOD—Have you ever watched a thriller that really found a way to get underneath your skin? I mean, it takes a lot to unnerve...

“Lion King” Wins Box-Office Again

HOLLYWOOD—There weren’t many major movies hitting the box-office the past weekend, but there was one notable name hoping to dethrone “The Lion King” from...

“The Lion King” Dominates Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—At last a movie finally shook the box-office with summer coming to an end. The live-action version of the Disney classic “The Lion King”...

“Far From Home” Continues Dominance At Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—For the second consecutive weekend, “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was victorious at the box-office taking in $45.3 million at the box-office. The sequel has...
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