Tag: Creed II

“Creed III” Misses The Knockout Punch!

HOLLYWOOD—I have seen “Creed” and its sequel “Creed II” which I thought were great films. So you could imagine the buzz I had for...

“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Still Winning

HOLLYWOOD—For the third consecutive weekend, the animated feature “Ralph Breaks the Internet” continued to maintain its grip on the box-office. The sequel managed to...

“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Wins Again

HOLLYWOOD—It was indeed a slow weekend at the box-office compared to last week. However, last week’s champion, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” managed to maintain...

“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Wins Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was a battle for the ages at the box-office this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Not only did we have previous flicks from the past...

“Creed II” Is A Fierce Knockout!

HOLLYWOOD—The boxing sequel that fans of the “Rocky” franchise have been eagerly waiting for, “Creed II” has arrived. Three years after the 2015 hit,...

Epic Fall Movie Preview

HOLLYWOOD—I’m just going to put it out there: I was very disappointed with the crop of films released for summer 2018. I felt there...
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