Tag: cultivars

California Native Plants Grow Wild

UNITED STATES—California native plants seem like they should be very appropriate for home gardens. In the wild, they require neither irrigation nor maintenance. They...

Cultivars Are Merely Cultivated Varieties

UNITED STATES—Nomenclature is simply the technique of naming. Botanically and horticulturally, it is also a precise method of classification. Large classifications divide into smaller...

Cultivars Of California Native Plants

UNITED STATES—Native plants are obviously happy with local climates and soils. Otherwise, they would not be native. They had been living here long before...

Juniper Turns Over A New Leaf Scale

UNITED STATES—Juniperus, which is the entire genus of juniper, had been languishing in a bad reputation for too long. The problem likely began nearly...

Cultivars Are The Real Cloned Mutants

UNITED STATES—It is not science fiction. It involves neither ninjas nor turtles. Cultivars really are mutant plants that can only be propagated by cloning....
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