Tag: deadhead

Deadhead Spring Bulbs After Bloom

UNITED STATES—Fruiting warm season vegetables that are now in season, such as squash, tomatoes and beans, are more abundant with regular harvest. Plants that...

Deadhead To Promote Continued Bloom

UNITED STATES—Seed and fruiting structures develop immediately after bloom. Such processes consume valuable resources that could otherwise sustain subsequent bloom or vegetative growth. That...

Deadheading Spring Bulbs Conserves Resources

UNITED STATES—Now that the various spring bulbs have finished blooming, or will soon, many will benefit from deadheading. The techniques are simple, and actually...

Deadheading Promotes And Prolongs Bloom

UNITED STATES—April showers bring May flowers. May flowers make a mess. Well, some of them do. Most simply disintegrate and fall from the trees,...
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