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Top 2023 Film Production Tips For New Hollywood Directors

UNITED STATES—As a new director in Hollywood, there's a lot to learn and consider when it comes to film production. To help you on...

Black Artists Feeding Into Trumpism

HELLO AMERICA—I had a very emotional, but stimulating exchange with one of my production partners, Bobby Wright. It was my contention that the few...

Black Stars More Mouth Than Action

HELLO AMERICA!—It pains me tremendously, but the truth must be told, that our so-called Black stars of film and stage today who are touted...

Prepare Before Knocking On Producer Door!

HELLO AMERICA!—Since being responsible for wearing so many pre-production activities for our Pre-Broadway play with music from “I Feel Sin Comin’ On,” I have...

Young Filmmakers Confused

HELLO AMERICA!—There are numerous reports from young filmmakers throughout the country that they are confused concerning marketable “storylines” for their assigned film projects on...

Hollywood Gender Bias May Be Investigated

HOLLYWOOD—The advocacy group American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California is calling for a government investigation regarding hiring discrimination against female directors in Hollywood. On...
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