Tag: Drones

Drone Crashes Into LAPD Helicopter, Hollywood Man Arrested In Connection

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Federal Agents of the FBI arrested Hollywood Denizen, Andrew Rene Hernandez, 22, on Thursday, November 19, after he allegedly crashed his drone into...

Police Commission Approves LAPD Drone Use

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Police Commission approved on Tuesday, October 20 to allow a new drone pilot program for the Los Angeles Police Department. The...

Drone Flies Too Close To LAPD Chopper

LOS ANGELES—A Los Angeles man was detained on Friday for allegedly flying his drone in the path of a Los Angeles Police Department helicopter...

Studio City Drone Store Burglarized Second Time

STUDIO CITY—Only one month after being burglarized of $10,000 worth of merchandise, a Studio City business that specializes in selling drones has reported that burglars...

California Bill Against Drones In The Works

CALIFORNIA—Legislators have introduced a bill that would provide an emergency responder with immunity if they damage a drone while performing their duties. Senator Ted Gaines with co-author...
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