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Not Enrolling In Right Medicare Plan Can Be Stressful!!

UNITED STATES—Morning Toni: When I first got Medicare, I picked a Medicare supplement plan F. The next year, I was approached by a telemarking...

Medicare Part A Enrollment When Still Working

UNITED STATES—Hi Toni, I turned 65 in August of 2018 and am still working covered entirely by my large company health plan. My wife...

Enrolling In Medicare At 65 Is Stressful!

UNITED STATES—Hi Toni! I will turn 65 on February 14 of this year and want to retire in 3-6 months. I have several questions...

Should I Enroll In Medicare Part A When Turning 65?

UNITED STATES—Ms. Toni: I believe I have received wrong information from my friends who suggested that I enroll in Medicare Part A which I...

Enrolling In Medicare Online Can Be Confusing

UNITED STATES—Toni: Last week, you wrote about how to apply for Medicare online by having to start a “My Social Security” account.  I had...
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