Tag: espionage

Banana Yellow (15)

UNITED STATES—Puerto Cortés waved the white flag without a single shot fired. With the rebels in control of the territory, Joe Holly moved into...

Banana Yellow (14)

UNITED STATES—That winter’s night with the raw wind blowing, Sam Delaney left the orange glow of the fireplace of his home in the uptown...

“The King’s Man” Is A Bore Of A Backstory

HOLLYWOOD—I loved the flick “Kingsman: The Secret Service” because it was unlike anything ever seen on the big screen and it was full of...

“Without Remorse” Action-Packed, But Story Lacks

HOLLYWOOD—There was something I learned as a screenwriter and filmmaker that has always haunted me: a bad script no matter how much talent you...

Chinese Researcher At Stanford Charges With Visa Fraud

SAN FRANCISCO­─Chen Song, a Chinese researcher at Stanford University, was charged with visa fraud and accused of lying about her identity as a member...
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