Tag: Freedom

Milada: Dying for Freedom

CZECH REPUBLIC—Milada Horáková was born in Prague on Christmas Day 1901. One could say she was a gift to her country, a lesson of...

O.J. Simpson Released From Prison

UNITED STATES—Former NFL star, O.J. Simpson was released from prison, after 9 years for his role in a Las Vegas kidnapping and robbery on...

W.E.B. DuBois And Frederick Douglass!

UNITED STATES—I was waiting for Black History Month so that I could use it to showcase a couple of GREAT thinkers who would support...

The Evolution Of: Free Speech

UNITED STATES—In today’s world we can hold a cell phone and record a police officer while he or she is being heckled. The internet...

Freedom Costs A Lot, Have You Made A Repayment?

WASHINGTON D.C.—With the Fourth of July holiday upon us, we should take the time to thank the soldiers and our nation’s veterans for their...
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