Tag: freeze

Frosted Vegetation Is Ugly Vegetation

UNITED STATES—Weather is variable everywhere. Climates and seasons are imprecisely regulating. They merely define predictable ranges of the elements of weather, such as temperature,...

Jack Frost Was Sneaky Again

UNITED STATES—Timing is very important in gardening. Even when the weather in autumn still seems like summer, spring blooming bulbs must be planted on...

Fight, Flight, Freeze=Fibromyalgia?

UNITED STATES—Over 101 years ago FIGHT OR FLIGHT was termed by Wisconsinite Walter Cannon, describing animals that were faced with threat. Do I run and...

Even Mild Winters Can Bring Frost

UNITED STATES—This really is the best climate for gardening. Even though summers are mild, there are not many plants that want for more warmth....

Frost Is Just Too Cool

UNITED STATES—Is it too late to warn about frost? After all the rain, the recent and sudden cold weather was quite a surprise. Fortunately,...
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