Tag: genetics

Nature Vs. Nurture Is A Heated Debate People

UNITED STATES—Nature vs. nurture it is a debate I first heard about while studying psychology in college. It is a fun conversation and engaging...

UCLA Health Receives $29 Million Gift

WESTWOOD—On Thursday, February 11, UCLA announced they received a $29 million gift to create the Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Center for Precision Genomic...

UCLA Scientists Lead $10 Million California State Environmental Project

WESTWOOD—UCLA scientists are leading the new California Conservation Genomics Project, a $10 million project funded by the state to assist California state officials in...

“Fallen Kingdom” Is Enchanting

HOLLYWOOD—It was the movie in 2015 that took the summer box-office by surprise. Yes, I’m referring to “Jurassic World” which earned over $200 million...

It’s All Relative: Tabula Rasa

UNITED STATES—“Tabula rasa” is one of my favorite “common sense” concepts and I throw the term around a lot, especially in regards to how...

The Great Alcohol Debate

UNITED STATES—Alcohol, it’s something so many Americans, men and women indulge in in their attempt to socialize or as I like to say, ‘getting...
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