Tag: gophers

Moles Are Different From Gophers

UNITED STATES—Wildlife belongs in the wild. Many of us appreciate it there and get pictures of it to share with others as if it...

Vermin Voraciously Run Amok In Spring

UNITED STATES—No one really hibernates here. Well, ground squirrels might, but they are unlikely to be a problem in refined home gardens. Winter weather...

Rodents Will Never Give Up The Fight

UNITED STATES—None of the most problematic rodents here hibernate completely. Only ground squirrels hibernate, but they are rare, and tend to avoid home gardens...

Gophers Go For Spring Vegetation

UNITED STATES—Hibernation is a luxury enjoyed by different animals in different climates, where much colder weather inhibits activity through winter. Gophers take no such...

Gophers Go For Roots And Lawns

UNITED STATES—Who do they think they are?! This ain't 'Caddy Shack'! They have such attitude! Gophers move into our gardens and lawns, take what...

Rodents Eat Just About Anything

UNITED STATES—Not much bothers old fashioned junipers. They tolerate heat and frost, and anything else the weather throws at them. They do not appeal...
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