Tag: Hollywood Through the Back Door

Old Hollywood Not That Bad After All

HELLO AMERICA!—Because the new publisher of my book “Hollywood Through the Back Door” is releasing the 3rd publishing of the book, they have plans...

Remembering How To Handle Richard Zanuck Jr.

HELLO AMERICA!—I suppose I should be flattered to receive so many letters for advice and help from so many readers out there but I...

In Bed With Legendary Star Ethel Waters

HELLO AMERICA!—A few days ago, I received a message on Facebook from a young actor who resides in Algeria. It turned out that this...

KKK Didn’t Win After All – Michael Survived!

HELLO AMERICA!—Since there is a major film in the planning based on my book “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” one of the highlighted scenes,...

Mae West Relates Sexual Times To “The Saint”

HELLO AMERICA!—Upon returning from an unbelievable trip to Atlanta, Georgia, there was an invitation to attend a reception at USC in honor of playwright...

Roots And Now “Hollywood Through The Back Door”

HELLO AMERICA!—As a producer and one who recently helmed a major public Saban Theatre reading of the play "I Feel Sin Comin' On based on Michael St....
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