Tag: homework

Academics Matter For Kids

UNITED STATES—I tell this to people all the time and I stress this all the time: academics are vital for kids. If you have...

Homework Mayhem

UNITED STATES—Homework, it is the one thing each of us struggled with during our lifetime. You can argue that some homework serves no purpose,...

The Homework Delay

UNITED STATES—Homework, for many Americans it is something we encountered from an early age all the way up to our mid to late 20s,...

School Is Back In Session!

UNITED STATES—Labor Day is officially over, and school is back in session America! Yup, for those elementary students, middle school students, high school students...

Books, Books And More Books People

UNITED STATES—Over the course of my educational career I have read many books, and obtaining an undergraduate degree in the field of English, I’m...
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