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The Current State And Forecasts Of The California Housing Market

UNITED STATES—It’s been an interesting year for California's real estate market. At the beginning of 202, the local market was bustling with competition and...

“Brady Bunch” Star Barry Williams List Malibu Home

MALIBU—Actor Barry Williams, from the TV series "The Brady Bunch" has placed his Malibu beach house on the market. The asking price of the...

California Housing Market Anticipated To Slow In 2017

CALIFORNIA—The California housing market is expected to see a decrease after home sales dropped significantly in October and November in 2016 compared to 2015, the...

“The Big Short,” Fascinating Piece Of Cinema

HOLLYWOOD—Hmm, have you ever wondered precisely what happened in 2008 when the housing market crashed in the United States? Still trying to pinpoint precisely...
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