Tag: irrigation

Watering Starts Where Rain Finishes

UNITED STATES—For a while last winter, it seemed like the rain would never stop. Obviously, it did. The warm spring weather that followed helped...

Rain Makes Watering Seem Obsolete

UNITED STATES—Watering has not been much of a concern lately. All the rain has kept our gardens too wet to work in. Some of...

To Mulch Is Not Enough

UNITED STATES—Most plants would prefer the real thing; how they do it in the wild. They drop their leaves, flowers and twigs. Deciduous plants...

When It Rains It Pours

UNITED STATES—For those who do not remember ancient history, this wet stuff that fell from the sky recently is known as “rain." It used...

Watering Trees Is Still Important

UNITED STATES—All the optimistic predictions of a rainy winter do not help with the drought yet. Nice warm weather only makes the garden even...

Know The Time To Conserve Water

UNITED STATES—In the wild, plants take water when it comes as rain. Native plants and plants that are from similar climates might be happy...
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