Tag: Jigsaw

“Spiral” Does Not Inspire New Thrills

HOLLYWOOD—I had seriously high hopes for this latest entry in the “Saw” franchise titled “Spiral.” It is the latest entry in the horror catalogue...

“Thor: Ragnarok” Rocks The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well after a lackluster month at the box-office, November kicked off in a big way with the return of Thor aka Chris Hemsworth with...

“Jigsaw” Delivers A Clever Twist

HOLLYWOOD—I have a love and hate relationship with the “Saw” franchise. When the first flick arrived in 2004, it was unlike anything really seen...

“Jigsaw” Spooks The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Halloween is indeed upon us and it looks like audiences were looking for a great scare this week. The eighth installment, yes, you heard...
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