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Pretending Being Lena Horne’s Son Got Me A Job!

HELLO AMERICA!—During the early days, roughing it in Hollywood, I, like many actors, rushed early to purchase the trades. The Hollywood Reporter and Variety ...

15 Soft Skills That Will Help You In Any Job

UNITED STATES—Soft skills are unspecialized and important for your career skills that are responsible for successful performing in the working process, high productivity. One...

Needs Over Wants

UNITED STATES—This is an ongoing debate I have with people all the time and it all connects to finances. Anyone who has ever taken...

Evolution Of: Being Differently Abled

UNITED STATES—Being disabled is not the death sentence it used to be, at least not here in America. Infanticide is a daily occurrence in other...

“Pacific Park” Holds Job Fair On May 15

SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Pier amusement park, “Pacific Park,” is getting ready to hire for the summer season. On Friday, May 16, the pier is...

Work Frustrations

UNITED STATES—Work, some of us love it, most of us hate it. Why is that? Well, when it comes to work, most of us...
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