Tag: Julia

Is “Survivor: Edge Of Extinction” A Bust?

HOLLYWOOD—I have been trying my best to get into the latest season of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction.” What’s the problem? Well, after the terrific...

“Rings” Offers Little Thrills, But Fun Plot

HOLLYWOOD—I will be the first to admit that whenever I hear that a movie has been delayed that is never a good sign. It’s...

“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” Is All About Strategy

HOLLYWOOD—Last year was the year that the reality-competition show “Survivor” reignited my attention with its latest installment “Survivor — Cambodia: Second Chances.” Wow, wow,...

“Big Brother 17” Week 9: What A Waste!

HOLLYWOOD—After Liz’s beyond boring reign as HOH, fans had to endure another week of boring gameplay as Austin, yep, Austin rose to power. Austin...
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