Tag: Logan

“Beauty And The Beast” Shatters Box-Office Records

HOLLYWOOD—Who knew it would take a live-action version of a Disney classic to prove that nostalgia never goes away. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”...

“Kong: Skull Island” Roars At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—I argued it would be a duel at the box-office this weekend between superhero Wolverine aka “Logan” and a beast who rules with a...

“Logan” Delivers Heart, Smart Storytelling

HOLLYWOOD—I know I’m going to take a bit of slack for saying this, but I don’t care: I was a fan of “X-Men Origins:...

“Logan” Slices The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well, it looks like audiences could see plenty more R-rated superhero flicks. After “Deadpool” stunned audiences in 2016 with its massive $100 million plus...
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