Tag: Long-Term care

I Thought Medicare Covered Long-Term Care

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni, recently in your Medicare column, you discussed services that are not covered by Original Medicare such as dental, vision, long-term care,...

Difference In Cancer Insurance VS A Long-Term Care Policy?

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni, I applied for a Long-Term Care policy but was denied due to having a pacemaker installed in January. The agent who...

Long Term Care Illness…Baby Boomers Biggest Retirement Expense

UNITED STATES—Morning, Toni: I read your recent article about the cost of nursing homes nationwide and I am concerned that I may wipeout my...

Help My Mother With Long Term Care?

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni: You have written about other options for long term care in the past and have discussed life insurance with living benefits....

Does Medicare Pay For A Long-Term Care Need?

UNITED STATES—Toni: Recently my older sister had a stroke and needs extra care at home. I was told from friends at church that Medicare...
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