Tag: native plants

Cultivars Of California Native Plants

UNITED STATES—Native plants are obviously happy with local climates and soils. Otherwise, they would not be native. They had been living here long before...

California Native Plants Exemplify Diversity

UNITED STATES—California native plants are logical options for the gardens and landscapes of California. It is only natural. They are already happy with the...

Mediterranean Climates Are Something Special

UNITED STATES—The climate here is pretty cool, at least in winter. Right now, it is pleasantly warm. It does not often get uncomfortably cold...

Forage To Find Unexpected Fruit

UNITED STATES—Felton League, the Facebook group of the homeless and their friends in Felton, California, briefly mentions the source of some interesting, but typically...

Some Native Plants Should Stay Wild

UNITED STATES—Native plants should be the most sensible options for local landscapes and home gardens. It seems natural that they would be the most...

California Natives Are Remarkably Diverse

UNITED STATES—California is a big place, with more environmental diversity than any other state and most other countries. It includes rainy and cool forests...
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