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Leon Draisaitl Locked Up For 8 Years

EDMONTON, ALBERTA CANADA—Don't be fooled by the title! Leon Draisaitl, 21, has not been jailed. The Cologne, Germany-born center (who was a restricted free...

Edmonton Locks Up Their Captain Until 2025

EDMONTON, ALBERTA—Great news, Oilers fans! Last year's league leader in points and team captain will be sticking around until 2025. Connor McDavid, 20, closed an...

Fans Vote 1983-1984 Oilers Greatest NHL Team

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA—The NHL announced on Monday, June 5, that the 1984-1985 Stanley Cup winners, the Edmonton Oilers, have been voted as the greatest...

LA Kings Consider Union College Hockey Player

UNITED STATES—Free agent and Union College junior Spencer Foo has met with five prospective NHL teams and is expected to make a decision this weekend...
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