Tag: Parasite

92nd Oscars A Big Winner!

HELLO AMERICA!─Since I have attended the Oscars since 1955, when the film “Carmen Jones,” the film where I made my debut was nominated as...

“Parasite” Wins Big At The Oscars

HOLLYWOOD HILLS─I hate to say this, but I am happy that awards season has come to an end America. Why? This has been perhaps...

Oscar Predictions For 2020

HOLLYWOOD─It seemed just yesterday the nominees for the 2020 Academy Awards were announced, and we’re already less than 1 week away from the actual...

“Parasite” Big SAG Awards Winner

HOLLYWOOD─If there is one awards show I look forward to more than the Academy Awards it is the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The 2020...

Who Will Get Oscar Love?

HOLLYWOOD─There is something different about awards season for 2020 because it seems like everything has been moved up in terms of its initial air...
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