Tag: passion

Choose Passion Over Money!

UNITED STATES—Oh college, I remember those good ole days America, I remember being fresh out of high school, heading to a Big Ten university...

A Passion Reignites During Down Time

UNITED STATES─Who would have ever expected that this self-quarantine would have provided the perfect opportunity for me to focus my limited spare time I...

What Relaxes Your Mind

UNITED STATES─Where are you right now in your life? Are you truly happy with your circumstances? So many of us find ourselves stuck in...

Do What You Love America

UNITED STATES─What do you love America? Let me repeat, what do you love, not who do you love? We can get into a major...

Frustrated With Work

UNITED STATES—Work it is part of every Americans life. We have to work in order to survive. When I say survive I’m referring to...

Find Your Passion

UNITED STATES—It is a question you hear all the time and I think people think it is easy to answer, but it really is...
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