Tag: perennial

Perennial Plants Perform For Years

UNITED STATES—'Perennial' is a simple adjective that describes something that last for more than a single year. Horticulturally, it is not this simple. After...

Some Annuals Are Really Perennials

UNITED STATES—Annuals are plants that complete their entire life cycle from germination to death within a single year. Biennials complete their entire life cycle...

Perennials Can Divide And Conquer

UNITED STATES—Along with all the bare root fruit trees, roses and cane berries, nurseries also stock bare root perennials like strawberries, asparagus, horseradish and...

Recycle And Repurpose Overgrown Perennials

UNITED STATES—Just like anything else that gets planted in the garden, new perennials seem to be so cute and innocent. They get even better...
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