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ULIP Plans: 5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A ULIP

UNITED STATES—If you are planning to purchase ULIP then it is important to first understand the different parameters of it and then make an...

Changes To Plan F…Causing Medicare Supplement Renewal Premiums To Rise!

UNITED STATES—Toni: We have received a 20 percent increase in our Plan F Medicare Supplement. I’m a 70-year-old female in decent health, but my...

Medicare Supplement Plan F Could Go Away In 2020?

UNITED STATES—Morning Toni: I am concerned about the difference in premiums between many of the Medicare Supplement plans and companies and it seems that...

Why Is My Part B Premium Over $500?

UNITED STATES—Dear Toni: I retired from my law firm in December and my Medicare began January 1. Today, my wife and I both received...

Need My Medicare To Begin Feb. 1 What Options Available?

UNITED STATES—Hello Toni, I have collected your articles on Medicare for years from the newspaper and finally bought your book and workbook.   As I...
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