Tag: presents

The Solace Of Gift Wrapping

UNITED STATES—It was a debate that I have been having with family members for the past few weeks. Is it better to wrap a...

Do You Wrap Or Bag Presents?

UNITED STATES—It was no argument 10 to 15 years ago, I would easily wrap all my Christmas gifts, but within the past 2-3 years,...

Stressing Over Gift Buying

UNITED STATES—I don’t know why I allow it to transpire to me every single year, but it happens: I stress over gift buying. What...

Overspending On Christmas Gifts

UNITED STATES—Oh, how Christmas, but it can indeed be a stressful one for many Americans. Why? We attempt to do a bit more than...

Is It Ok To Re-Gift Something?

UNITED STATES—This is something so many Americans ask year after year: is it okay to re-gift a gift that you received from someone else?...

Gift Giving 101

UNITED STATES—What makes the perfect gift? Last week we chatted about the notion of overspending for Christmas, but this week I really want to...
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