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Are You Frustrated With Raking Leaves?

UNITED STATES—It is that time of year, October is over, and November has arrived. Depending on what part of the United States you live...

Gutters Collect Falling Autumn Leaves

UNITED STATES—Autumn is also fall for a reason. It is the season during which most deciduous foliage will fall. Some deciduous trees that lack...

Raking Leaves Is No Fun!

UNITED STATES—There is one thing that I never look forward to in the fall. Any guesses America? It’s raking leaves. Yes, this does depend...

Leaves Are Starting To Fall

UNITED STATES—Autumn is slow in getting here. Yes, as of last Sunday, it is now autumn. The date is determined by the equinox, so...

Why Autumn Is Also Fall

UNITED STATES—The calender says that it is now autumn. The weather does not necessarily agree. Some of the trees are dropping their leaves. However,...

Falling Leaves Get Into Everything

UNITED STATES—Even if they had been clean since they were emptied out last winter, gutters (eaves-troughs) near deciduous trees will eventually need to be...
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