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Julia Roberts Renting Malibu Home

MALIBU—Oscar-winner, Julia Roberts is renting out her Malibu home that she purchased in 2017. Roberts purchased the 1650 square feet ranch-style home for $3.895....

Benefits Of Buying Vs. Renting

UNITED STATES—Is it smarter to buy or is it smarter to rent? That is a question people ask themselves time and time again when...

Grady Of Figueroa

UNITED STATES—While I was waiting for that first renter, er, sucker, to walk through that door, see a room and say ‘I love it,’...

A Freeway Runs Through It

UNITED STATES—At 1980 Estrella Avenue I was free to pursue my screenwriting. I was free to check out “Crime and Punishment” from the library...

Salma Hayek Leases Hollywood Hills Home

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Actress Salma Hayek is leasing her Hollywood Hills home for $9,750 a month with a $19,500 security deposit. The home, which was built in...
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