Tag: rhizomes

Summer Bulbs Begin In Winter

UNITED STATES—Spring bulbs begin to go into the garden during autumn to benefit from the chill of winter. Summer bulbs begin to go into...

Summer Bulbs Require No Chill

UNITED STATES—Narcissus, including daffodil, started to bloom during all that earlier torrential rain. Those that bloomed after the rain stood up a bit better...

Spring Bulbs Begin In Autumn

UNITED STATES—Crocus, daffodil, hyacinth, tulip, freesia, anemone and ranunculus will not bloom until the end of winter and early spring. They are spring bulbs...

Division Is Equal To Multiplication

UNITED STATES—Mathematically, division is the opposite of multiplication. Horticulturally, they are the same. Digging and splitting overgrown perennials to propagate them is known as...

Annuals Just Might Be Perennials

UNITED STATES—Annuals come and annuals go. There are cool season annuals for winter. There are warm season annuals for summer. Really though, there are...
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