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Good Roots Are Seldom Seen

UNITED STATES—When a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Of course...

A Tree Falls In The Forest

UNITED STATES—A Great Basin bristlecone pine tree of the eastern Sierra Nevada can live more than five thousand years. A giant sequoia tree of...

To Mulch Is Not Enough

UNITED STATES—Most plants would prefer the real thing; how they do it in the wild. They drop their leaves, flowers and twigs. Deciduous plants...

Summer Is Not For Planting

UNITED STATES—Autumn is the time for planting. Cooling weather slows plants down so that they do not mind disruption so much. Increasing rain (hopefully)...

Roots And Now “Hollywood Through The Back Door”

HELLO AMERICA!—As a producer and one who recently helmed a major public Saban Theatre reading of the play "I Feel Sin Comin' On based on Michael St....

Figs Are Easy To Propagate

UNITED STATES—The easiest way to propagate new fig trees may seem to be violent, but it works. Basal shoots that grew last year from...
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