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Collecting Seed For Another Season

UNITED STATES—Seed that is available in hardware stores and nurseries came from somewhere. Plants just like those that such seed grows into produced it....

Seed Of Doubt Gains Timely Popularity

UNITED STATES—Many of us who are still sowing spring seed know the doubt. Seed for warm season vegetables and bedding plants is presently scarce....

Vegetables Change With The Seasons

UNITED STATES—Right smack in the middle of the warm part of summer, it is already time to be getting ready for autumn gardening. This...

Save Some Seed For Later

UNITED STATES—Flowers do not last forever. Whether they last for only a day, or weeks, they all eventually finish what they were designed to...

Saving Seed For Next Season

UNITED STATES—The gardens with the most flowers need the most deadheading. This involves the removal of deteriorating flowers and any developing fruiting structures and...

Flowers Are Only The Beginning

UNITED STATES—Flowers have a bigger and better agenda than coloring our gardens and homes. They bloom to get pollinated. Their color and fragrance are...
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