Tag: Shoes

Walking In Another Person’s Shoes

UNITED STATES—I love reality TV, there is something about seeing another person’s life front-and-center that can be quite interesting. With that said, I wouldn’t...

Mother’s Day: Finding The Perfect Gift

UNITED STATES—Mother’s Day it is perhaps the one holiday that stresses me out the most because I’m a bit of a perfectionist in my...

Mother’s Day Is Coming

UNITED STATES—I had to take a moment and think because I totally forgot that Mother’s Day was literally right around the corner. Yeah, it...

Closet Organization

UNITED STATES—This weekend I did something I haven’t done in about a year: I attempted to organize my closet. Why? I’ve had a bit...

The Power Of A Good Walk

UNITED STATES—Exercise, yep, it’s that 8-letter word that most of us never want to hear, but guess what we have to be active one...

Shoe Buying Is Not Easy

UNITED STATES—This weekend I did something that I rarely do, I went shopping for new athletic shoes. When I was a teenager and in...
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