Tag: sign language

“Switched At Birth” Falls On Deaf Ears

BEVERLY HILLS—When you’re deaf people seem to push anything “deaf” on you. For years I have been nagged to watch "Switched at Birth," mostly...

Roy Abueg: Using ASL To Fight For Animal Rights

LOS ANGELES—Although only in its second year of operation, Deaf Empowerment For Animal Freedom (D.E.A.F.) has been succeeding in disseminating its message and making an...

Assemblyman Supports Deaf Education Bill Using ASL

SACRAMENTO—The California State Assembly was silent as they watched Assemblyman James Gallagher, R-Yuba City, present Senate Bill 210 simultaneously in American Sign Language (ASL) and English...

Glide Into The Future?

BEVERLY HILLS—Chaim Haas and Sarah Snow are here to tell you that you can Glide. No, Haas and Snow don't offer superpowers. They are, however,...
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