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“Hidden Figures” Wins MLK Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—There were new movies in theaters, this weekend, but none were competition for previous flicks in theaters. Last week’s box-office champ, “Hidden Figures” ruled...

“Hidden Figures,” “Rogue One” Top Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Finally, we have a battle at the box-office! After nearly 4 weeks of maintaining a grip on moviegoers, “Rogue One: A Story Wars Story”...

“Sing” Is Hilarious Fun, Full Of Heart!

HOLLYWOOD—This movie is funny, and I mean it’s really, really funny! There is no surprise why the animated feature “Sing” has brought in big...

“Rogue One” Dominates Theaters For Third Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—For the third consecutive weekend “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” continued to mesmerize moviegoers. The prequel to the 1977 classic remained in the...

“Rogue One” Wins Christmas Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well for the second consecutive weekend, “Star Wars” found a way to mesmerize the masses. Yep, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” remained in...
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