Tag: The Emoji Movie

“Emoji Movie” Wins Big At 2018 Razzie Awards

HOLLYWOOD—Well its awards season, but sometimes you don’t always want to be named a winner. The winners for the 2018 Golden Raspberry Awards also...

“The Emoji Movie” Offers Lackluster Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—Rarely do I ever frown at an animated film, but there is something about “The Emoji Movie” that just leaves you wondering, there is...

“The Dark Tower” Surprises The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well America we can all agree right now, summer is officially over! Why? The box-office debut of three films this weekend proved it. “The...

“Dunkirk” Wins Box-Office For Second Week

HOLLYWOOD—Well, surprises continue this summer at the box-office America. I was certain with "The Emoji Movie" and "Atomic Blonde" hitting theaters that "Dunkirk" would...
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