Tag: tropical plants

Potted Plants Have Their Place

UNITED STATES—Pavement serves a purpose in a landscape. So does decking. They are the flooring of the outdoor spaces that are used for outdoor...

Houseplants Might Enjoy Some Weather

UNITED STATES—They were not always houseplants. They came from somewhere else. Most came from shady tropical forests, which is why they have such big...

Houseplants Bring The Outdoors In

UNITED STATES—Philodendrons, dracaenas, ferns, palms or any sort of tropical foliage inside our homes only create an illusion of closeness to nature. Naturally, these...

Even Houseplants Can Appreciate Rain

UNITED STATES—Everyone is from somewhere. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be from California. Most of the various plants in our gardens, even if...

Tropical Plants Far From Home

UNITED STATES—Plants can inhabit nearly every climate on Earth. They live in hot and dry deserts, cold arctic regions, rainforests and just about everywhere...
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