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“Winter’s War” Trounced By “Jungle Book” At Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well, “The Jungle Book” proved that it is a force to be reckoned with this weekend at the box-office. The live-action flick of the...

“Dawn Of Justice” Sees Massive Drop At Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was an interesting weekend at the box-office, as last week’s champ took a mighty fall. “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice” which debuted...

“Allegiant” Fails To Divert “Zootopia”

HOLLYWOOD—For the third consecutive week in a row, the zoo animals reigned supreme at the box-office. The animated hit “Zootopia” remained in the top...

“Zootopia,” “10 Cloverfield” Battle At The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—There were plenty of new releases at the box-office this weekend, but it was last week’s champ “Zootopia” that remained in the top spot....

“Zootopia,” Delivers Heart, Plenty Of Life Lessons

HOLLYWOOD—Rarely will I be the champion of many animated flicks for children. I think some are all about the entertainment value more than teaching...

“Zootopia” Laughs Up The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well animation has proven to be a hit with moviegoers yet again. Why you ask? Well “Zootopia” did some major business at the box-office...
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