UNITED STATES—Building up stamina and agility is not an easy thing, but exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy body.  Some love to utilize the treadmill, others are fans of the bicycle, I however, am a fan of the elliptical. Look at it this way it’s a bicycle in the air, it’s a treadmill without all the excessive speed. 

The elliptical is the perfect form of equipment to build great stamina in the legs and the arms. Spending at least 30 minutes to an hour each day on the elliptical for 4-5 days a week provides the body the ability to continue to build strength. It’s also a tool that is useful for burning calories.


I will admit spending a substantial amount of time on the elliptical is not as easy as one thinks it is. With every movement, the legs, the arms, the body begins to tire, but I’ve learned focus on the end result and forget everything else.


The biggest mistake most people make when exercising is focusing on what their body will look like as an end result. That type of thinking can be counteractive. My perception is focus on what exercising on the elliptical does for the ‘body’ internally, not on the outside. The internal will eventually impact the external, so focus on that first and foremost.


Sometimes the worst thing to do when attempting to count how many calories you burned while exercising is looking at the clock when it counts down. That can be a problem that impacts you the most. Get on that piece of equipment without considering a time frame. Do as much as you can until the body says its time for a break.  


Don’t give up so easy, remember if its not hurting than it doesn’t count. That doesn’t mean kill yourself on the elliptical, it means continue to build stamina with each installment or time you plan your workout. Don’t work out during uneven times during the day, during the week. Consistency is the key to keeping a successful exercise routine.


This is the perfect piece of equipment for beginners or those who have been keen to keep movement an important element of their lifestyle. I think the primary reason I’m a fan of the elliptical because unlike the bike you’re not allowed to sit down, the body has to move its arms and legs in order for the equipment to work properly. With this device you get what you put in.