HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A Los Angeles Firefighter helped a man, who threatened to jump off Hollywood overpass on the 101 Freeway, safely surrender to police after causing the freeway to shut down on Tuesday, January 24.

According to reports Kenneth Fraser, a Los Angeles Firefighter was on his way home from training, when he saw a group of people gathered around a man on the 101 Freeway overpass in Hollywood. He pulled over in an attempt to talk to the man

Fraser, a rookie firefighter, with only a few months of training, proceeded to speak with the man, who was threatening to jump off the overpass.

“I was able to identify by explaining to him what I had to experience growing up and other issues and problems, and what I did to overcome that,” Fraser told NBC 4 News.

When officials from the Los Angeles Police Department arrived on the scene, they allowed Fraser to continue speaking with the man because of the rapport he developed with him.

The man safely surrendered to authorities. The name of the individual has not yet been disclosed to the public.  Air rescue cushions were placed underneath the freeway by officers in case the individual jumped.

“At the end of the day, it’s my job and my duty, it’s an opportunity for me to change someone’s else’s life,” Fraser told NBC 4 News. “I don’t believe there’s a greater calling than that.”

The 101 Freeway re-opened shortly after 6 p.m. on Tuesday.