ATLANTA—On June 12, Rayshard Brooks, 27, was fatally shot by police officer, Garrett Rolfe in a Wendy’s Restaurant parking lot at 125 University Ave. SW.

In a 43-minute body camera video released to the public, Brooks is first approached by officer Devin Brosnan after receiving a 911 call that he was passed out in a Wendy’s drive through line.

Officer Brosnan knocked on the window of his white Camry in attempt to wake him up. He asked, “You alright? You’re parked in the drive through line. You’re blocking traffic.” Brooks confirms he is okay. Officer Brosnan responded, “Don’t go back to sleep.” He advised him to pull into a parking spot and walked back to his police car. Brooks fell asleep again in the drive through line. After a second attempt to wake Brooks, Officer Brosnan directed him to move his vehicle into a nearby parking spot.

Brooks pulled over into a spot, and hit the front bumper onto the grass. Officer Brosnan called for a DUI certified officer in the area to come to the scene because he witnessed Brooks appearing to be intoxicated and asleep. A few minutes later, 27 year-old, Officer Garrett Rolfe arrived.

Rolfe asked Brooks several questions regarding his whereabouts. Brooks confirms he knows where he is, stating, “Old Dixie Highway. There is a subway right there.”

Rolfe says, “Nope, do you know what county you’re in?”

Brooks responds, “Clayton County” and proceeds to takes a couple more guesses before Rolfe said, “This is Atlanta.”

Brooks could not identify which street he was on, how he got to Wendy’s, which city he was in or which county. He said he had “one margarita” then “a daiquiri” and then “one and a half” of something “top-shelf” of which he didn’t remember after being out with his girlfriend.

Brooks was asked if he would take a DUI test. He said, “I don’t want to resist anything” and agrees to take the test that was asked of him. For 41 minutes and 30 seconds, both Brooks and the officers are cordial. Brooks agrees, cooperates and proceeds to test for sobriety as asked of him. First he is asked to follow officer Rolfe’s finger without moving his head, then he is asked to walk one foot in front of the other for 9 steps and back when instructed to and lastly he was asked to blow into a breathalyzer to get his blood alcohol level. His blood alcohol level was not confirmed on video, but Rolfe expressed, “I think you’ve had too much to be driving, can you put your hands behind your back for me?” Brooks resisted arrest and the two officers struggled to get him down to the ground. Rolfe demands, “Stop fighting, you’re going to get tased! You’re going to get tased!” Brooks grabbed the taser from Rolfe. Rolfe warns him stating, “hands off the fucking taser.”

Brooks punched Rolfe, managed to get out of their control and ran from the two officers toward the street with the taser in his hand, looked back and aimed the taser at officer Rolfe. Rolfe then dropped his taser and reached for his handgun. Three shots were fired and Brooks fell to the ground.

Two shots have been confirmed to hit Brooks in the back ending in a fatality. It was reported as a homicide.

Less than 24 hours after the shooting, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigned, Rolfe was fired and Brosnan was put on administrative leave.

Rolfe was in the police force for 7 years and trained over 2,000 hours according to reports. Brosnan was in the force for almost two years.

According to Georgia Prison (DOC) Arrest Records, March 2013, Brooks was convicted of theft by receiving stolen property and March 2014, he was convicted for cruelty to children in Clayton County.

His incarceration began August 29 2014 and ended December 23 2014.