HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A three-acre brush fire was contained by LAFD near Laurel Canyon in Hollywood Hills on July 30.

According to the LAFD alerts, the fire was spread across one-quarter of an acre around noon, and ground access was challenging.

After an hour, the fire spread to 3 acres and due to the light wind. Firefighters tackled the fire from the rear and sides, making progress. Helicopters dropped water from above, and brush clearance helped firefighters protect the nearby properties. Residents in the  Laurel Canyon Area were warned of a power shortage due to the brush fire.

The fire was contained and extinguished by 80 firefighters, in two hours and 20 minutes. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Public Information Officer and LAFD Captain Eric Scott spoke about the incident on Fox News, saying that no one was injured and no homes were damaged. “We want to take this opportunity to commend people and residents that provided proper brush clearance,” said Scott, “ because it gave us defensible space to work in and protect the property.”


As the temperatures increase during the weekend giving rise to hot, dry, and breezy conditions, Scott provided some precautionary measures for the public. These include:

  • Be careful with ignition sources
  • Teach kids about the dangers of playing with fire
  • Do not burn trash or brush outdoors
  • Do not park vehicles on dry grass
  • Never leave a hot grill unattended
  • Lower fire hazards by pre-wetting areas before conducting work

“Do not perform brush clearance during peak heat,” Scott said as the exhaust of a weed hacker or the metal blade of a lawnmower can also ignite a fire. “Make sure to keep a hose or fire extinguisher and a phone to call 911.”

Lastly, he also provided some medical advice to beat the heat: make sure to drink plenty of water, don’t go out during peak heat, and don’t leave children or pets inside vehicles.